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Meet Katherine

Meet Artist Katherine Shariq

Katherine Shariq expresses her art using dot mandala techniques.  She loves how this art form releases the hidden artist within to play with colors and create beautiful designs easily with little to no experience needed.  She loves how meditative and relaxing this art form is, while at the same time releasing stress and anxiety.

To her surprise, many of the recipients of her dot mandala art began noticing how soothing and healing the energy from her dot mandala palm stones were and they often found themselves holding the art stones for relaxation.  While she works on her art pieces she does hold the energies of love and joy, gentleness and peace and is delighted that each person is drawn to just the right art work that resonates for them.

dot Mandala artist Katherine Shariq

She has recently begun sharing her love of dot mandala art work with others through teaching classes and always marvels how creative and unique each piece of art is.  Although she provides a template, she encourages each person to use the colors in the way they are inspired to and finds that each student’s work is very creative and a unique and beautiful expression of their inner artist.

Ruby Dahlia Palm Stone
4 Dahlia Rounds
Yellow Faerie Palm Stone

What Inspired Me to Create a Dot Mandala Store?

I have had the pleasure of taking classes and workshops around the world.  I quickly grew to love the art of dot mandala painting and am so thankful and appreciative to the many wonderful artists and teachers that have shared their encouragement, designs, and techniques with so many beginning artists.

Before long I was creating my own designs and found my close friends wanting to share my artwork with their friends.  Creating a Dot Mandala online store was the perfect solution to share my artwork with all who resonate with my designs and inspirations.  I am constantly learning new techniques and skills and working to create beautiful works of art that bring joy and happiness to each recipient.  I have also been told by many that they often hold the mandala palm stones and feel the calm, restorative, playful energies held by the mandala palm stones.  I would love for you to find the design that speaks to you.

What is Dot Mandala
dot mandala palm stones from Art by Katherine Shariq

What is Dot Mandala Painting and Why is it so Restorative?

When a person thinks about a mandala, often beautiful artwork from India and Tibet come to mind.  The artwork generally begins in the center and expands out, representing the whole of life and spirit and the universe.  Each mandala connects the artist’s outer world with their inner world and brings forth beauty.

Dot mandala rock and stone painting is a recent interpretation of mandala art and over time has evolved into its own specific art form.  There are variations of dotting but all start with a focus on placing a dot of color in the center of a rock, stone, canvas, glass, table tops, or walls and then building out from there.  The artwork is typically symmetrical and could continue indefinitely, representing the infinite universe.

The very act of placing a single dot of color onto a substrate is the act of creation, the breathing begins to relax, the mind releases thoughts of the world and brings its focus to the task at hand, the individual’s energy becomes calm and centered by the symmetry and repetitiveness of the dotting and the inner artist emerges, free to create and express itself.  It is in this expanded state of calm that the individual’s joyous, peaceful and loving energies are most present and can often be felt in the very art itself.

Often an act of meditation and relaxation; while painting a dot mandala many artists describe becoming unaware of time, or outside of time, as the mind slows down and their inner artist takes over creating unique beauty and form.  Relaxation can happen within a short period of time and many are finding this art form is an easy and wonderful addition to their day.

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