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Dot Mandala Self-Starter Kits

The Dot Mandala Self-Starter Kits are perfect for individuals who are interested in learning how to create beautiful dot mandalas but would prefer to learn on their own time and schedule.

More Information about the Self-Starter Kits

Individuals will choose from a number of different designs.  Each Self-Starter Kit will have dot-by-dot instructions with photos and descriptions of what tool to use, what color paint to use and where to place the dot.  Written instructions are provided next to each image as well.  The Self-Starter Kits differ from the Class Kits in design and colors.


The Self-Starter kits take the individual through the making of the basic design and artwork and then walks the individual through the advanced art of top dotting.  Top dotting provides additional complexity and interest to the original design and gives the design depth and visual interest beyond the basic design.  The Self-Starter kit provides double the number of paints and includes the colors for the base design and then additional metallics and flash colors to add shine and highlights to the top dots.


Each Dot Mandala Self-Starter Kit contains everything needed to produce a lovely piece of dot mandala art the first time.  Individuals will receive 1 - 4” canvas round and 2 – 4” MDF rounds perfect for creating additional artworks.  The kit includes 12 different paint colors, dotting tools and an instruction sheet with tips and photos.  It also includes specialty wipes and tips on how to quickly and easily correct any dribbles.  A special thank you gift that can be dotted later is also included as a fun surprise.


There are currently three separate designs to choose from: 1) the colorful oranges and fuchsias of Adventurous Creativity or 2) the blues and silvers of Riding the Carousel or 3) the pastel blues and greens of Surfing the Waves.  Each Dot Mandala Self-Starter Kit is $50.00 plus tax and shipping.



"My sister loved her Self-Starter Kit and enjoyed making the Fall Harvest design.  Thank you for such a great idea for a present."


- OB (Menlo Park, CA)

"I liked the base design so much, I decided to make another base design and then top dot only one of them.  I loved the Flamenco Dancer design."


- JK  (Palo Alto, CA)

"I am looking forward to taking your “From How to Wow!” class at Avenidas in January and dotting the Twilight Rapsody design."


- AJ  (Palo Alto, CA)

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