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The Dot Mandala Gift Card Collection hosts a variety of designs and colors.  These beautiful hand dotted cards can be used for any occasion and can be purchased individually or as a combination of various cards to create your own unique collection.  If you would like to learn how to create these designs yourself, please check out our new Dot Mandala Kits, with the tools, paints and instructions for you to create your own beautiful Dot Mandala artwork.


Each card in the Dot Mandala Gift Card Collection is composed of 1 hand dotted – 4” round disc, placed in the center of a 5 X 7 inch, heavy-weight textured art paper (perfect for adding your personal message).  Each card comes with a brief description of Dot Mandala’s and showcases the name of the artwork and the artist on the back of the card.  Each Gift Card is blank allowing these cards to be used for any occasion, while providing you with a wonderful writing surface for your own unique message.

Caribbean Dreams Gift Card

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