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The Happy Hearts Dot Mandala Kit provides a host of lively colors that can be used to make a variety of Dot Mandalas.


While learning about dot mandalas and learning the tools and techniques, participants are encouraged to use whatever color combinations they prefer to create their own unique artwork.


The Dot Mandala Class Kits are perfect for individuals who are interested in learning how to create beautiful dot mandalas; and would like the benefit of working with an instructor.


Private classes can be held over Zoom or other streaming medium and can be composed of 1 or more participants.  Each participant would purchase a Dot Mandala Kit and choose the color scheme that they prefer.  If participants are going to be working together in a group, it is recommended that they choose the same pattern and color scheme; this allows participants to have time to have their questions answered in the class and be able to share in the class experience.


Each Dot Mandala Kit contains everything needed to produce a lovely piece of dot mandala art the first time.  Participants will receive 1 - 4” canvas round and 2 – 4” MDF rounds perfect for creating additional artworks.  The kit includes paints, dotting tools and an instruction sheet with tips and photos.  It also includes specialty wipes and tips on how to quickly and easily correct any dribbles.  A special thank you gift that can be dotted later is also included as a fun surprise.


Each Happy Hearts Kit is $35.00 (plus tax and shipping).

Happy Hearts Dot Mandala Private Class Kit

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